Are You Ready to eliminate chronic pain
And enjoy an active life?
Tired of dealing with chronic pain? Get answers and advice to eliminate your pain and permanently get back to doing the things you love.
Unlocked Audrey's Potential, Quality of Life and Overall Happiness...
"I came to Seth because of a few Ironman and Triathlons long term injuries... Once I start coming the combination of workouts and stretching I was able to not only able to lift more but it improved my quality of life... my strength, my ability, confidence, and overall happiness increased tremendously getting back to where I once was... And I can see that my future is looking really bright! " - Audrey
Helped Dave Recover From His Knee Replacement...
"I had a knee replacement and it's was very painful and I've been working with Seth 2 months on this and I'm doing 100% better than I was with a physical therapist. It's really made a tremendous difference for me." - Dave
Dana Renewed His Physically Freedom to Hike And Workout Again...
I start coming here because I had severe back and neck pain from surgery... I was so limited... Since I'm been stretching properly it's given me a whole new freedom for the gym, hitting the mountain and not being afraid I'm going to hurt my back again... I can hike so much further and so much easier. My performance has gone up tremendously from 0 to 100% I mean literally from poor performance to what can be described as my old self. -Dana
You may be surprised to learn that Your movement Inefficiencies could be at the root of your chronic pain...
Partner with with a Movement Therapist to experience physical freedom and live life everyday to the fullest.

Your pain exists because your body isn't moving correctly and it's throwing it out of balance. It could be the result of an old injury, hours of sitting behind a desk or the wheel of a car, repetitive use injuries from exercise or work, or simply a postural dysfunction such as scoliosis. All of these movement inefficiencies can knock your body out of perfect motion, causing pain, sleeping troubles, and limitations.

We combine our therapists' expertise with technology to assess your mobility, posture and patterns and create a personalized plan that will put your body back in to balance and efficient movement, eliminating the dysfunction causing your pain.

We're excited for you to move better, feel better, perform better and get rid of those nagging injuries, fear or pain you're feeling. 

We're here to help resolve your movement efficiencies and restore your physical freedom permanently!
The Movement Method is particularly effective for:
  • Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • ​Ankle Pain
  • ​Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain
  • ​Migraines
  • ​Plantar Fasciitis
  • ​Jaw Pain
Finally Resolve Your Pain By Targeting The Source... your movement Inefficiencies.
Improve Your Quality of Life...
  • Feel Relaxed & Energized
  • ​Move Pain Free
  • ​Increase Your Performance
  • ​Promote Physical Longevity 
  • ​Move Fluidly With Confidence & Precision
  • ​Unlock Your Movement Potential
Postural Imbalance
The first step in beginning your journey to moving pain free and unlock your physical potential is improving your postural imbalance. Most of us as we get older, sit more, have incorrect posture when we sit or stand. If you can imagine over time (years and years) that really can affect every inch of our body, whether you're having pain in you shoulder, back, knees, hips. etc. Having poor posture prevents us from moving pain free and can really make simple tasks painful such as getting up from sitting for awhile or ducking down into your car or getting out of your car, and even running/biking. 
Faulty Patterns
90% of humans today have faulty movement patterns, but it's your fault, we've been taught the wrong way to workout, no movement practice, no fascia release, no proper warm ups, no post stretching after a workout. Which in turn creates faulty movement patterns that unless you take control of your physical health will take control of you over time. When you have faulty movement patterns, your workouts are almost hurting you, no helping you. This is never fun for someone to hear but if you're doing the movements improperly it's probably better for you do not do them or do something else that will actually help you better your movement patters so you can do them properly.
When locked up by your chronic pain, it can seem like you'll never feel better and be able to live the active life of movement that you want—especially if you've tried other therapies and drug-based treatments that only worked temporarily or not at all.

Because movement is life we help you get to the source of your pain so you can live.

Most chronic pain treatment methods only address symptoms or try to mask pain, we get to the root cause of your ongoing discomfort and because of our comprehensive approach we identify, focus and correct all three inefficiencies so you can finally feel better for good.

Solve the big reason your daily pain daily. We help when others can't or have failed. Resolving your movement inefficiencies will enable you to get back to doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.
Will You Be Our Next Success Story?
Helped Pam Finally Relieved Her Chronic Pain And Resolved Her Injury
"This has been a miracle for me, I've always struggled with stretching and it's really made my whole body feel less pain. I recommend this to anyone. I'm 65. Gotta recover. So important. Pain from my leg injury is almost 100% gone. " - Pam
Matt Achieved His Dream of Playing Quarterback for Power 5 Pack 10 Team
"My dream was to play for a power 5 pac-10 football team. Ended up feeling physical pain in my throwing shoulder & knee. After going to movement stretch therapy everything had improved, less pain, more mobility and better performance." - Matthew Ryan
Kathleen Enhanced Her Workouts, Yoga Practice & Everyday Life
"Even though I do yoga, I get tight. And you can't get into the stretches the way they do here with the assisted stretching... So I love it. Helps my workouts. Love the sauna as well. Feels amazing. " - Kathleen
Helped Jaqueline Be, Move and Feel Younger Through Life
"I heard about Seth and his Movement Therapy and Coaching Program and I had to try it... Now I'm moving through life with ease and grace and overall a much greater mood!" - Jaqueline 
Naturopathic Medical Doctor Recommends Movement Therapy
"I'm a naturopathic doctor, this session was great, very helpful recover from workouts and better workouts moving forward. It's like a stretch combined with a massage." - Janet
Judy's Ankle Pain Has Disappeared Giving Her Confidence When She Walks...
"I feel great, I feel more balanced, assured on my feet at my age I do not want to fall and I feel confident that I won't... I don't have the pain in my ankle. My hips are so much looser. -Judy
No More Temporary treatments. Unlock REAL Therapy, Coaching, Technology & Finally restore your physical freedom.
What Will My Movement Therapy Experience Be Like?
Movement Therapy
One of the most important aspects to the process is the relationships our clients develop with their certified Movement therapists. Our hands on therapists work with clients to help them understand and trust their bodies, identify the source of the pain and movement inefficiencies, and regain control of their physical bodies so they can live free of pain and enjoy an active life.

Be, feel and perform your best with increased range of motion, strengthened mind & body awareness, and enhanced performance.
Movement Coaching
Your body’s design is perfect, but your lifestyle and activities can create limitations. Your therapist will create a customized movement hacking plan of gentle exercises and stretches specifically designed to correct movement inefficiencies. When done consistently—with regular input and updates—this personalized routine becomes your plan for success.

Discover your optimal movement with new habits that safeguard your future and bulletproof your body preventing injury.
A more complete, personalized therapy plan includes our 3D body scan technology that guarantees the precision of our plan and measuring improvements.

Software that image-captures postural alignment, measures circumferences and plays a prominent roll in helping therapists accurately assess your inefficiencies and create your tailored program.
Infrared Sauna
The Infrared Sauna plays an important roll as it boosts your results as it penetrates into the joints, muscles and tissues.

The human body is composed of 90% water and Far infrared rays activate the water molecules causing ionizing. Because of this effect, Far Infrared Heat Therapy helps you increase blood flow, oxygen levels, and white blood cells!

Additional benefits include detoxification, immunity, collagen production, calorie burn, relaxation providing you with increased energy and mental clarity.
Compression Reboot
Sequential compression mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms enhancing blood blow and oxygen that fuels your muscles. A great combination with your therapy to maximize your range of movement in less time.

Speed your muscle recovery with movement of fluids that flushes waste and metabolites with zone targeted pressure for attention where you need it most.
How Does It Work?
  • Customized Movement Optimization Plan
  • Movement Therapy Sessions
  • ​Unwind Movement Release Techniques
  • ​Realign Exercises and Stretches
  • Reprogram Movement Patterns
  • Compression Therapy (Circulation)
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy (Increase Energy)
  • Vibration Therapy (Reduce Muscle Pain)
  • ​Light Therapy (Improve Sleep)
  • ​Peak Performance Breathwork
 Technology Powered
  • Movement, Postural, Mobility Screenings
  • ​3D Scan Posture Photos
  • ​​Biomarker Analysis And Testing 
  • ​24/7 Access To Movement Coach
  • Exclusive Community Facebook Group
 Permanent Results Lifestyle Coaching
Discounted Price Add-Ons: Fitness & Nutrition (Available)
The Fastest way to Permanently Resolve Your Movement Inefficiencies...
This is the beginning of the one thing that will make a difference in your life today. Six weeks will ensure progress and clarity on your path to physical freedom as well as achieving your goals. This prepackaged program will give you multiple sessions, tools and everything you need to get results.
This is the most commonly purchased program. In addition to the benefits listed in the previous program, this twelve week program gives you 2X longevity to maximize your results and physical freedom. This investment in your health provides the additional benefits of saving you $3,410 off the original price compared to purchasing a la carte.

This is the greatest value program launching you beyond your initial goals. Twenty four weeks transforms your body to move fluidly, with confidence and ease unlocking your full potential. This investment in your health provides the additional benefits of saving you $5,857 off the original price compared to purchasing a la carte.
Here’s What Real Movement Hackers Think About Our Program
Soccer Athlete Enhanced Performance and Speed Recovery for Competition
"It's helped loosen up my hips, helped with my performance and recovery. " Phil Jackson
Donna Easily Passed Her Air-force Fitness Test And Lost 26 lbs
Donna received the first ever Fearless Movement Hacker Award for achieving her airforce fitness test. Went from 0 pushups to doing 30 in a minute,  maxed out situps and lost 26 pounds in 3 months. We're so excited for her. Go Donna!!
Carlyl Gained An Edge Ranking 4th Place In Triathlon
Carlyl received the Fearless Movement hacker award for finishing 4th in his Xterra Triathlon. Once of the things he did to gain an edge is coming to Movement Studio once a week to increase mobility, recovery faster, prevent pain and enhance his performance.
Movement Hacking On The News
"We're talking about Hacking but the good kind. We're talking about Movement Hacking..." - Arrianee Lebeau
Movement Stretch Studio On The News
"I just got stretched by Courtney here and she brought my entire life back to my body..." - Arrianee Lebeau
Relax & Recover
Compression for your legs or lower back helps to relieve pain, reduce soreness and speed recovery.
Feel Younger
I recently turned 54 and looked in the mirror and was pretty upset with how I looked and felt... I started at 227 and this morning I weighed 180.5 and everything together cardio, lifting weights, aerobic exercises, and nutrition has made a huge difference. - Tony C
Jamaal Williams received Movement Hacking preparing for combine and resulted in a draft pick to the Green Bay Packers as a running back and received a $2.9 million dollar contract.
Meet Your Movement Professionals

Seth Thurston

With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry, Seth Thurston has transformed lives and empowered people to maximize their ability to engage in the sport of life. He has lead many on the journey of full- body transformation through the use of cutting-edge scientific methods that enable people to reach their health and fitness goals.
Seth has worked with models and former Miss Arizona winner, Rachel Kasang, to enhance their beauty and physical appearance through his proven body sculpting techniques. As a Master Trainer, Seth has worked with athletes, pushing them beyond their limits to improve endurance and sport-specific skills so that they can dominate their competition.
Through personal experience as an award-winning physique competitor, Seth has helped many overcome hurdles and provided the encouragement, nutritional meal planning, and workout regimen necessary to follow in his footsteps at the NPC physique, body-building, and bikini competitions. If you desire to look and feel the best you ever have, if you want to lose body fat and build muscle, if you dream of having better endurance and strength, let Seth Thurston lead you on your personal journey to better health and fitness. His passion is to help you become an athlete of life.

Steven Quagliano

Working in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, in the field of Occupational Therapy and Sports Medicine for many years, Steven brings a strong understanding of human anatomy and physiology, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation to his clients. Becoming a Personal Trainer was the natural "next step" for Steven as he wants to continue to utilize his skills and passion for health and fitness.

Adam Cargo

Adam has a bachelor of Fine Arts In Dance and Corrective Exercise, Certification in Pilates, Personal training, and was a professional dancer for 13 years.
-Certified Personal Trainer, NASM
-Pilates Core Integration Certification by Virginia Nichols at Moving Breath Studios in Tempe, AZ
-Professional Ballet Dancer and International Equity Theater Performer for 13 years
-TRX Certified
-National Academy of Movement Science Certification
-Les Mills Certification in BODYPUMP
-ICG Cycle Certification

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How Long Are Sessions?
Your Movement Stretch sessions are custom-designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and typically last 30 minutes to an hour.
Who will be helping me?
Your therapist is a well-trained, Movement Academy Certified professional who is dedicated to helping people like you get better. Their therapy practice is built upon a deep understanding of anatomy, postural correction and movement science, and they are committed to helping you live a life without limits.
What do I need?
Your success depends on your ability to commit to the process and trust your therapist. After that, an open mind and comfortable clothes are all it takes. Your therapist will connect with you prior to your first appointment to make sure everything is in order so that it will be a success.

Is The Movement Therapy Difficult?
You’ll find your therapy sessions are simple and relatively easy. They will present a gentle challenge but never cause pain or serious discomfort.
What is Movement Therapy?
We believe that both chronic and acute pain is due to movement inefficiencies in the body as it loses its designed postural alignment, mobility and healthy movement habit patterns. The human body is designed to move! However, with most of society becoming more and more sedentary, the body develops musculoskeletal dysfunctions and compensations. When those are present, pain and injury set in or are lurking right around the corner. The Movement Therapy Method restores the body back to its natural designed optimal state, alleviating pain and returning you back to an active, pain-free lifestyle.
How Does Movement Therapy Work?
Movement Therapy uses a combination of hands-on therapy and coaching you through a series of gentle exercises and stretches to return musculoskeletal balance and symmetry to your body, reinstate mobility and reinforce good patterns. It’s no secret that muscles move bones. If your body has lost its designed posture, it’s because muscles have moved your bones into a new, dysfunctional position. Pain is the body’s way of alerting you to the fact that your body isn’t aligned—and therefore isn’t moving—properly. Through Movement Therapy, your muscles will be reeducated and reminded how they need to function in order to maintain proper alignment to achieve permanent lasting results.
How much does it cost?
Movement Therapy is an investment in terms of both time and finances. Your Movement Optimization Plan will take 30 minutes to two hours to complete. Although not everyone needs two hours, those who do are in so much pain they will do their micro plan daily, regardless of how long it takes.
On the financial side of things, we offer different therapy packages and experiences: You can work face to face with a therapist either in person or via digital therapy. We also offer online therapy. Talk with your therapist to determine which option suits you best and get an idea of how many visits you may need.
How long will it take for me to see results and feel better?
All of our clients respond differently and on different timelines. However, the vast majority feel different after their first visit. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself; you just have to give it a chance. Remember, you most likely didn’t get into your current position overnight, and you won’t get out of it overnight. Movement Therapy is a process, but one with a remarkable success rate since its inception.
How often do I need to do my exercises?
We ask that you do your exercises, what we call your “micro plan,” daily, although some clients will need to do their micro's more than once per day. The Therapy is designed to systematically and methodically chip away at your inability, dysfunctions and compensations. We have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day! By doing your micro daily, you are giving your body the positive stimuli that it needs, unlock mobility, restoring proper alignment, and eliminating pain!
Do I have to do my micro plan in its entirety?
Yes, you need to do your full micro plan at least once per day, in the given order. One exercise sets up the next, so sequencing is important. Outside of that time, you can do any exercises that you feel are beneficial for your body.
Is it normal to feel sore after doing my micro plan?
Soreness is normal and can be a good thing. We call this “muscle awakening”, and it should diminish the more times you do your micro as your muscles adapt and adjust to the new work. Keep in mind that soreness is different from pain. If you are experiencing true pain, let your therapist know so any necessary adjustments can be made.
Is Movement Therapy covered by insurance?
Being non-medical, The Therapy is not directly covered by insurance. However, many of our clients have success getting reimbursed from their insurance provider for at least a portion of what they pay. Movement Studio does not file anything directly with your insurance provider, but we will do whatever we can—provide a letter of explanation, posture photos, etc.—to help you with the reimbursement process. Most of our clientele are able to use their health savings account or flexible spending account to pay for Movement therapy.
How long does it take to finish my therapy?
At the Movement Studio, we pride ourselves on fostering an education-based therapy experience. We will work with you hands on as well as walk with you, step-by-step, through each of your visits. Most of our clients need somewhere between 6 and 12 visits to see results. Keep in mind that we are working to eliminate structural dysfunctions that have been decades in the making.
Can I still see my chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, or other health practitioner while doing The Movement Therapy?
Yes, Movement Therapy can be used in conjunction with many different healing modalities. That being said, our goal is to return control of your health back to your hands so that ultimately you aren’t dependent on another person or machine to achieve an optimal state of health. Movement Therapy educational approach teaches you on what you need to do to get faster results and know how to prevent it from ever coming back again.
Is Movement Therapy different than yoga or Pilates?
Yes. Movement Therapy requires a hands on therapist combined with a specific tailored set of exercises designed to eliminate your movement inefficiencies that are causing your pain. The majority of yoga and Pilates classes are group-based where everyone in the class is asked to do the same exercises, poses, or moves. Movement Therapy fosters a client-driven experience where you and your therapist work together to develop your exercise micro plan, taking only what your body is able to functionally give on that day.
Do I need to purchase expensive equipment?
While in some cases equipment may be required, the vast majority of our exercises can be performed with items you have lying around your house. 
Are You Ready To Experience The Benefits From Your Movement Therapy?
  • Improve Overall Body Movement
  • Increase Flexibility And Range Of Motion
  • Feel Lighter, Breathe Deeper, And More Relaxed
  • Enhance Speed And Performance 
  • Relieve Sore Muscles, Tension, And Pain
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